My Work Experience



  • BSc Computer Science
    NED Karachi
    Some of the modules: Web Design, Cloud Computing, Information Technology.
    2011 2014


  • eCommerce Developer
    Ombligo, Inc.
    I worked in Ombligo, Inc. for 20 months as a E-commerce Developer, These were my responsibilities in that company. 1) Researching and recommending the web design as per the market trend. 2) Customizing web templates and e-commerce stores 3)Direct theming on Shopify, Drupal, and WordPress. 4) Coordinating with marketing team for the presentation of website and other marketing material.
    2015 2017
  • General Manager and Web Development
    I designed and built websites and took projects from lo-fi sketch to final launch. I wrote and maintained code using HTML, CSS, and Javascript that integrates with content management systems such as WordPress and Shopify. I performed quality assurance reviews across devices and troubleshoot and fixed bugs. Updated and maintained email newsletter templating systems.
    2013 2015

My Language skills

English 100/100

French 75/100

My Technical skills

I’m passionate about using Shopify and WordPress as a tool to build e-commerce stores, websites, and applications that drive transformational business value. Here is my featured skillset.

HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery 98/100

Shopify, Magento and WordPress 95/100

Php, Ruby 85/100